Out of Chaos Order

I find it odd that no matter how much stuff I give away, recycle, or throw out, there is always more stuff remaining that I don’t need.

My school district built the 5th grade brand new, beautiful classrooms; with built in technology, automatic lighting system, wheel chair accessibility, good insulation for sound and temperature.

When I made the move (from the old classroom to the new one) at the end of the last school year, I managed to give away/donate/recycle/throw out boxes and boxes of stuff.  But I had two 4-drawer file cabinets, and I wanted to get rid of one.  Who needs that many paper files?

(My predecessor, obviously. He left several file cabinets stuffed with everything he ever used to teach 7th, 6th, and 5th. And it seemed as if he collected stuff from retiring teachers.  Does anybody remember dittos?  They became obsolete when I was in 6th grade.  He had a whole drawer of ditto masters.But it was last year when I got rid of that stuff.)

Alas, I ran out of time and the two file cabinets moved with me.

Finally, I emptied it.

And I recycled this.

I re-discovered some obsolete technology of my own.

Here’s what I kept.  I still have to re-file and store it.

My new goal is to go from 4 file drawers to two, and to get a new cabinet that is half as big.

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One Response to Out of Chaos Order

  1. Susan says:

    Throwing stuff out is fantastic.
    I’m going to go throw something out right now.

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