Finding My Joy #1

I don’t want 2010 to end without reflecting on my chosen word.  It was a dark year, following another dark year.  But there were many joyful times.

In the spring, the favorite son and I went for a walk on the breakwall that leads to the lighthouse.  We rode our bikes there, parked them, then set out.

The going was rough most of the time. I scraped elbows and knees, but I just kept going. It was one of those beautiful early April days, the sun was shining, it was hot.  I helped my boy trespass, I gave him a boost so he could explore the insides of the lighthouse.

He came back after about 20 minutes.

He said he saw old furniture, books, lanterns, and lots of graffiti.

Then we went back to shore.

It’s kind of an unusual thing for a mom in her 40’s to do with her teenage son.  But I want more days like this, more adventures like this with both kids.

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3 Responses to Finding My Joy #1

  1. Susan says:

    The future is unwritten.

  2. It sounds like it was a lovely day. I can almost feel your sense of being in the moment in your writing.

  3. annie says:

    I do hope you have many, many days like this in 2011, Patti.

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