Finding My Joy #2


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On Annie’s blog, New Life Rising.

I really don’t like Christmas much, especially since my Dad died.  Consequently, I have opted out on most of the Christmassy activities and traditions.  Instead of giving gifts of things, I would rather do something together with my loved ones.

My mother likes Christmas, so on Christmas at 5pm, I picked her up and took her to Lights On The Lake. Participating in this ritual goes against so many of my principals.  Driving! You’re not even supposed to get out of the car!  Wasting electricity on useless, tacky displays!  Christmas at its kitschiest! And spending $12!

I cranked up the heat and turned on the Christmas music radio station, drove real slow, and Mom loved it.  And I found a little twinge of Christmas joy. Just a little.

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One Response to Finding My Joy #2

  1. annie says:

    I’m glad you found just a twinge of Christmas joy!

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