Between Here and There

This is the third trip in 4 weeks to Boston.
I used to say, all I need in a car are heat and tunes. Now I realize air conditioning and cruise control are nice, too.

This time, to save money, I packed snacks and beverages.

Most of my 6 hour drive is through wilderness; through the foothills of the Adirondacks on the NY side.

Over some bad-ass rivers like the Mohawk and the Hudson.

In Mass, the same mountain range is called the Berkshires.

At one point, the turnpike and the Appalachian Trail intersect.

I stop often, to walk a little.

And suddenly there is no more wilderness.

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Location:Putnam Ave,Cambridge,United States

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2 Responses to Between Here and There

  1. annie says:

    Hey Patti! I’ve had all sorts of “good intentions” about catching up with you again, but failed to do so. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pictures. I’ve never been up in that area and it looks very pretty.

  2. Susan says:

    I need snacks.

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