Me Made June: The Beginning

June 1

  • Tank: old w@lm@rt purchase (Lord, have mercy)
  • Skirt: simple, a-line, elastic waist, with pockets, made with vintage fabric from an old ladies’ tag sale
  • Shoes: purchased new dansko Cara Veg-Tan (love, love, love them)
  • (not pictured) button-down, black shirt for modesty

It was a very hot day (94 degrees F) and we have no air conditioning at work.  The button-down shirt came off and went back on during the day, but by the time I got home and took this picture, it was off, baby, off.

June 2

  • Capris: thrifted
  • Short-sleeved T: (I am a sinner) recently purchased from W@lm@rt (while waiting for mother’s prescription, I succumbed to the temptation of the $3 T)
  • Short-sleeve cardigan: refashioned from an ancient, too-short, but much-loved T
  • Shoes: Courtney Taylor, thrifted

It was hard to self-photograph this outfit, hence the collage of bad pics.

June 3

  • Capris: thrifted, repaired, altered, and dyed
  • T: thrifted, refashioned from an extra large turtle neck
  • Cardigan: cast off from son, refashion from a V-neck pull-over

Field trip day!  And chilly.  We traditionally wear red on field trips, and all I could find were red pants. This self portrait was taken in my classroom bathroom mirror, I guess I should break down and ask someone to take pictures of me…


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One Response to Me Made June: The Beginning

  1. Susan says:

    June 1st outfit = FAB.

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