June 15-19; Me-Made-June

I’m a little behind my time in posting outfits, but I have been faithful ( mostly) in wearing at least one piece of self made or refashioned clothing.

This is Wednesday, June 15. The cardigan was refashioned from two worn out but much loved T’s.

This was Thursday, June 16. The fabric of the dress used to be white with navy blue palm leaves, and there were sleeves and a collar. I did some removal, binding, put in some darts, and dyed the thing grey. Before, it was unwearable, I kind of like it now.

Friday, June 17 was Health and Wellness Day at school. We had yoga, aerobics, and a big, long walk. Did I mention it was also wear tie-dye day? So I’m wearing the formerly white tank that I tie-dyed myself. OK, nothing I wore on Friday was self stitched. So I cheated.

Saturday, June 18, I’ve worn this skirt already this month, but that was to work. This was worn for yet another trip to Boston.

And today, sunday, June 19. The photo was taken in the treatment room at my friend’s house. She’s a massage therapist. This is where I crash when I come to Boston. I made the cardigan out of an old t shirt.

I’m in Boston to visit my son, who is being hospitalized here.

I’ll make up for missed days later.

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2 Responses to June 15-19; Me-Made-June

  1. Susan says:

    I love the sneakers with the skirt.

  2. annie says:

    I especially like the dress! You almost make me want to get my sewing machine out and start sewing on a dress or a skirt for myself (I tell myself I don’t have time)!

    (So sorry to hear your son is going back into the hospital.)

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