Summing up Me Made June

June 30

I made the shirt out of an old man t shirt, and the skirt out if the legs of two old pairs of jeans.

Here is the skirt in action, I seriously love it.

June 11,12,24,25

Those were stay home in my jammies all day days. I wore these jammie bottoms with old T’s or tanks.

June 28

Self made t, refashioned shorts. They were faded old cargo pants, I shortened them and dyed them dark green.

June 27

Refashioned blouse ( I still hated it, so its off to the rescue mission) and a self made green skirt.

June 7

Self made blouse, denim skirt (not shown).

June 22

I took these two too short tops,

and I made this.

Which I dyed dark green to get this.

June 23

Mended, thrifted Indian top, refashioned dark green shorts.

June 14 (flag day)
All the 5th grade teachers were gifted flag T’s from old navy. The pants were refashioned.

June 13

Refashioned pink shorts and pink t. Sometimes I just need pink.

June 8

Refashioned black t, jeans, student made jewelry.

June 10

Remade dress.

June 9

Refashioned t and jeans.

That’s it, I think I’ve included all 30 days!

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One Response to Summing up Me Made June

  1. annie says:

    You make me want to sew something! I have not done it in years! I was looking at skirt patterns the other day. One of the things that holds me back is thinking they would be so cute when they are done and then having not look as good on me as I thought they would.

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