7 Wants

I’m trying to keep up with our facebook writing group; Write, Eat, Post, Bathe. Someday I’ll do the 10. Funny how all my 8 fears are things that have already happened…

What I want is:
1. order. I want organization, cleanliness, plans followed.
2. financial security. I have it better than most with a good, secure job, health insurance, paid time off to deal with family and personal health crises. But my finances are out of control because of circumstances out of my control.
3. new siding for my house! It looks like the Addams Family lives here.
4. my best kitty friend, Henry, not to be dead.

5. both kids together with me for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
6. a modern kitchen. One half is all Youngstown kitchen from the ’40’s, and the other half is 1860’s butler’s pantry style. I am thankful for the new stove and refrigerator.
7. love. More love. There is always room for more love.

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2 Responses to 7 Wants

  1. annie says:

    I like your list of wants, Patti! I never did mine. Maybe I should go back and do them…I hope you will have plenty of love in the coming days and I hope that you will have both your kids with you for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  2. Lori Zenobia says:

    I love the list. Sorry about Henry. And I hope the holidays are good too.

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