There Never Was A Lump

Way back in May, I scheduled a 5 year over due appointment for a regular gyno/boobie check up.

“We can fit you in September 23 at 11:15 AM.”

“I’m a little concerned about one of my breasts. The tissue seems a little thicker. ”

“That’s normal in women your age.”

Skip to September 23 at the ob/gyn.

(Dr, after feeling up my boobies) “I don’t feel a lump, but let’s get your mammogram done this afternoon instead of waiting.”

Skip to the the mammogram waiting room.

(Tech to radiologist, overheard on the phone) “Get in here and read this film now.”

(Radiologist) “You have a calcification and you need a biopsy.”

Skip to a little later that afternoon, I was walking around downtown, doing a little shopping.

(Dr, on my cell) “Yeah, hey, this is Raj.”


“Your gynecologist? Yeah, I went ahead and called a surgeon, and she has time to see you right now.”

Skip to surgeon’s, same afternoon.

“I don’t feel a lump, but from looking at your film I know where it is. I’d like to do a needle biopsy today and schedule a stereo core for a week from Monday. If we’re lucky, and it’s just and injury, today’s test will tell us that. But if it comes back questionable or inconclusive, we’ll have to do the 2nd biopsy.”


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3 Responses to There Never Was A Lump

  1. Lori Zenobia says:

    under my breath, I uttered “damn”…. but I know that’s how it happens. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. That must have been a twilight zone kind of day for you and I know that’s an understatement. At the least Patti, your health care bunch didn’t drop the ball…. so many do and it’s freaking sad. I think you are very brave. ❤

  2. The darkest times in my life have revealed the deepest truths about myself, wonderful revelations of who I can depend on and lasting changes in my behavior and attitude.
    Go, Patti.

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