Would You

hold me in prayer and positive thoughts today?  It’s my second of 4 chemotherapy treatments.  My brother Bill came (all the way from Vermont-a 5 hour drive, bless him) to be my chemo buddy.  I already started taking the pre and post steroid pills, which is why I am up at 4:00 AM EST.  Last time I was wasted, loopy, high for 3 days (one of the IV anti-nausea drugs is a very high dose of ativan), and then I suffered side effects from the drugs they gave me to treat the side effects of the drugs.  But it was only bad for 3 days.

So send me prayers, light, love, positive thoughts, and maybe you could include everybody who is going through this today.

“The chemotherapy is washing me clean of any and all cancer cells and it is life affirming.”

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4 Responses to Would You

  1. Patti, it is my honor to pray for you, and all who are going through chemo today.
    As a candle must be consumed in order to give light, so must also those cancer cells be consumed by chemotherapy in order to affirm life. ♥

  2. I’ll be sending you warm thoughts and strength all day long, dear Patti.

  3. Nicola says:

    Thinking of you. My Mum has recently been diagnosed and is having chemo. So, I can relate to many of the things you write. I will be sending you positive thoughts when I do for my Mum and I look forward to reading positive news on the blog.

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