A Prayer For My Children

I used to pray for my children everyday.

At first with distracted faith.

Later, with increasing desperation. (Imagine, if you can, the almost worst a mother can be called upon to bear.)

Then, overwhelmed, I stopped praying.  Or I stopped praying with words.

Now I don’t have any desperation left. There is no room for desperation.

I pray for my children with love and letting go.

Please, Lord, Bathe my children with white light. Every cell, organ, system. Heal them. Surround them with your loving protection. Surround them with the loving angels. Above, below, right, left, and all around. Show them the way to go. I release them to the loving care of You, the angels, and your creation the universe.

Amen, amen, amen.


Not until they left, and I let them go, did they return to me.

(This post was written as a response to Amy Oscar’s Writing Circle prompt for December 15. I am on a journey and my children are with me.)

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3 Responses to A Prayer For My Children

  1. Even when (or especially when) we can’t pray with words, prayers are being brought before God. I cling to that promise.

    Letting go of children is hard. Trust, faith… those are big leaps.

  2. annie says:

    This is the hardest thing about being a mother, the letting go when in the throes of desperation. Blessings on you and your children, Patti.

  3. This made me happy for you.

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