Photo Challenge Days 10-19

Hives, as a result of the chemo upsetting my immune system, kicked my butt.  I got a little behind on my posting.

10. Childhood

My own off-spring are mostly out of childhood, but they recently gained a new stepmother and step sister. Anastasia is 7. She gave my son a teddy bear for Christmas.

11. Where I Sleep

I sleep in a purple room (like grape juice purple) in a bed from my great grandma. This bed is just like the one Harriet Tubman slept in. (I know because I took my class on a tour of the Harriet Tubman Home last year and saw it.)

12. Close Up

Sweet Mudge.

13. In My Bag

Just what every one else carries in a bag. Notice the lack of make up? I don’t use make up.

14. What I’m Reading

While I’m doing my business, I read a story from a chicken soup book. A friend from work gave it to me as a get well present.

15. Happiness

It makes me happy to hear my son play the piano.

16. Morning

Coffee and 1/2and 1/2. I defy my allergen avoidance list and use cream in my coffee.

17. Water

Lake Ontario. Ice and snow, but not any where normal amounts.

18. Something I Bought

Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Soda. It has melatonin in it, which helps me sleep.

19. Sweet

Jaggery. I use it in place of refined sugar. You can buy it at your local Indian grocery.

I hope I will keep up with posting now, but who knows?  I had my last chemo treatment yesterday.  Who knows what new wondrous side effects this one will bring?

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3 Responses to Photo Challenge Days 10-19

  1. So, one has to grate their own jaggery?

  2. patti says:

    Grating would work, but I have been slicing it with a sharp knife.

  3. Listening to my son play piano also brings me happiness, and I’m drinking coffee with half-n-half right now. 🙂 How cool to sleep in a bed just like Harriet Tubman’s! That alone would give me strength.

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