Days 24-31

I am finally finishing up the January photo challenge.  No excuses or explanations about why I’m so late.  I was distracted.

Day 24
Guilty Pleasure
No doubt, it’s citrus fruit, especially grapefruit. I was not allowed grapefruit during chemo, and won’t be again during the 5 years I’ll have to take tamoxifen. So for now I’m eating a grapefruit everyday.

Day 25
I Made
I made a bunch of these credit card/debit card sleeves. I recently received my new debit card after 2 long weeks without one. The old one was nearly broken in half and held together with tape. That’s because I have a bad habit of slipping my debit card into my jeans pocket and leaving my wallet/ purse at home when I go out. If I put my card in a sleeve first, then my pocket, it maybe won’t break.


Day 26
These are some of the hats I wear on my bald head. I made most of them.


Day 27
OK, I only at half the vegetables (roasted sweet potatoes and turnips) and salad. The rest went into the fridge to be saved for dinner.


Day 28
This was the sunrise on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I think it was about 5:45 AM.


Day 29
Inside the Fridge
Fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs. No meat. I will not eat meat again. Yuck.


Day 30
This is Rice Creek. It’s a tributary of Lake Ontario.


Day 31
Me Again
That’s my fuzzy bald(ish) head. I have a distinct Uncle Fester thing going on, dark circles under my eyes and barely any hair. Acquaintances don’t recognize me, children run away (not really, kids are usually nicer and less uncomfortable with me like this than the grown ups). I’m happy about my hair’s return, even though it seems to be mostly white. I will put some purple stripes in as soon as there is enough.

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2 Responses to Days 24-31

  1. I think and pray for you daily.

  2. I love that you have a wonderful variety of hats to wear. Is your newly grown hair baby-soft or wiry like my gray hair? (My friend ~D~ had baby-soft hair and I loved to “pet” it! She kept it hidden under a wig until it was long enough to look like a short haircut.)
    I’m glad you are enjoying the grapefruit while you still can… I miss it (on meds that don’t allow for it).

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