My Day, hour by hour

I got this idea from her ( I really need to de-lurk, I read all her entries…).

5:30 I’m up usually by 5:30 or 5.  I was making an eating plan and grocery list for next week.  I’m trying to avoid days where I eat watermelon, chocolate and popcorn.  And nothing else. Which I did last week.

6:30 Breakfast and bill paying.

7:30 Re-fashioning.  I put a heart and a love label on my favorite sweater.

8:30 Getting dressed.  Is the fake boobie TMI?

9:30 Sitting in the waiting room, reading a magazine.  Here’s a recipe I want to try.

10:30 Zap, zap, zap.  Radiation every-freaking-day.  Only 12 more days…I’ve had 18.

11:30 Lunch.  Why is it always salmon, cruciferous veggie, and sweet potatoes?  Health and hair growth.

12:30 Piano practice.

1:30 Walk with the dog.

2:30 Groceries.

3:30 I baked this cake with modifications. I will post my version soon.

4:30 Yard work.

5:30 Work out at the Y.

6:30 Dinner with friends.  It was my coming out party.  No more hats!  You have to look at my head with very little hair.  My friends gave me pretty-pretty dangly ear rings.  My hair is coming in mostly white and very soft.

This was yesterday, today I am very, very tired.  I have done very little.

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6 Responses to My Day, hour by hour

  1. annie says:

    Aww, I enjoyed going through your day with you! Now you’re over half-way with the radiation! Yay for that!

  2. Sarah says:

    Cake looks gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers—S

  3. Susan says:

    I loved your day.

  4. JaniceP says:

    That seems like an excellent day to me.

  5. You get a lot done in a single day! And I’m happy to see it wasn’t just groceries in your load but also some cheery yellow tulips. 🙂

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