Fancy Pants

I’ve discovered a new obsession, making my own underpants.


Cute ones.


Substantial ones.


Fancy ones.


And colorful ones.

They all have cotton crotch panels(even if the main fabric is synthetic),


and little heart tags in the back.


I made a pattern by cutting apart and tracing a pair of old faithfuls.


And I mostly use thrifted T-shirts to make them from. I have tried fold-over elastic, underwear elastic (with a decorative edge), lace elastic, and plain old everyday elastic. Plain old has worked the best, and it is also the cheapest and easiest to come by.

I love my undies, they fit me exactly right and they are comfortable beyond measure.

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4 Responses to Fancy Pants

  1. annie says:

    You win the Queen of Patience Award in my book! They are pretty and I bet they are comfortable!

  2. I like anything that keeps the mind occupied, particularly slightly kooky domestic obsessions.

  3. My grandmother made her own fancy pants, too! Even at the age of 12, I found it highly admirable.
    (Filing this in my “someday if my sewing skills ever progress enough to tackle this project” file)

  4. I am reasonably certain I will never sew well enough to do that. Impressive! I wouldn’t even know how to begin.

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