The One on the Right Is Fake


My right, your left. As in this fake:


But not for long. I went to see the plastic surgeon and learned that I can have free flap reconstruction on or around July 23. That gives me just exactly enough time to recover before the start of the new school year.

He will make an incision above my belly button, cut out the skin and fat from there down. Next he will pull down what’s left and stitch it shut. The he will punch a new whole for my belly button.

Out of the fat he will cut from my belly he will construct a new breast and sew it in place. Eventually he will have to lift and reduce the size of the left breast.

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7 Responses to The One on the Right Is Fake

  1. That’s fantastic, you get a new breast AND get rid of some belly fat.
    I’m excited for you.

  2. Jean Spitzer says:

    As twisted susan says, fantastic. Heal well.

  3. A new one to replace the falsie (made from belly fat, no less!!) AND a lift for the other? SCORE! 🙂
    Hooray for silver linings found in what was once a cloud of cancer!

  4. PS: The t-shirt is awesome and appropriate!

  5. annie says:

    I too think it is great that they are able to use some belly fat to replace the falsie. I am happy you are through the treatments and glad for this upcoming surgery. Blessings on you as you continue to heal!

  6. I love the t-shirt! Hope the surgery/healing goes well!

  7. JaniceP says:

    Probably doesn’t seem like it to you, but it seems fast to have this scheduled so soon. Good luck – I hope the surgery goes well and that you recover quickly.

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