Now Is The Time

to do all those things you’ve wondered about/wanted to do.

I had my portrait taken by a pro.

I’ve had a brazillian wax.  Oh yes I did.

And, in a little while, I’m off to get a tattoo.  It’s a medically indicated tattoo of the nipple on my reconstructed breast, but it’s a tattoo none the less.

Here I go!

(My friend is shooting a photo essay of the process, should I post pictures?  I’m still thinking about it.)



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5 Responses to Now Is The Time

  1. Martha says:

    Let us know if the tattoo hurts more than the Brazilian. 🙂

    • Patricia says:

      The tattoo did not hurt at all, I have no feeling in the reconstructed breast. The brazillian hurt a little. Martha, you should get one for a wedding night surprise, it is worth the pain!

  2. annie says:

    Gosh, I suppose I’d be curious too, as to the answer to Martha’s question!

    Patti, I love the photos I’ve seen! I’m very glad you are finding ways to celebrate!

  3. If you look as good in your nip photos as you do above, then post them.

  4. You are braver than I — and I am glad for it!
    So very nice to see your beautiful face. ♥

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