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She should have moved out, but actually did not until late in the evening on December 20, with another visit to pick up forgotten items the next morning.  Remember, I had asked her to be completely gone by December 17. I spent those intervening days muttering “words can’t describe” and “it feels like my head is going to explode” or simply “my head a splode” when anyone inquired how I was doing. I resorted to taking a beloved Mr. X (xanax) exactly once. Now I only have 28 left.

I watched our mutual friend lovingly and patiently help her pack boxes, M would hand AM an item, they would talk about the item, M would instruct AM how and where to place the item. It took hours just to pack a few boxes.  Somehow she allowed AM to pack the kitchen cupboards unsupervised, so I secretly helped.  Whenever I suspected M was coming, I ran and hid.  M had threatened to call the police if I touched her things.

And now she’s gone.  Yay.  And that’s my excuse for failing to keep up with Reverb12.


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  1. JaniceP says:

    Oye! Good riddance.

  2. I am furious, outraged, and relieved on your behalf. Merry Christmas and here’s to 2013, dear Patti.
    P.S. I hate your friend.

  3. Holy Sh*t and happy New Year, darling!

  4. Lala says:

    Wow! I came here from Mrs. G’s blogroll, that post and the backstory was an emotional roller coaster! What a nutcase! Actually both of them. On the other hand, I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. Keep writing, 2013 HAS to be better!

  5. Wow. Good riddance!! What a thing you didn’t need to have to deal with in your life!!

    And what a thing for said mutual friend to volunteer you for! I would be questioning that friendship were it me. Meep.

  6. Good grief and good riddance!
    Sounds like AM is quite the enabler.

    Strength and healing to you, Patti.

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