See You In September

Counting the days ’til I’ll be with you
Counting the hours and the minutes too

I seem to successfully process and survive stressful times by setting personal challenges. Controlling behavior, attitudes,  and actions of others is impossible, and even trying to have an influence exhausts me.  How about controlling myself? I can do that.
September has always brought new beginnings and endless opportunity. Opportunity to change circumstances, attitudes, outcomes-but only my own.
September – the month of daily blogging, wearing clothing I’ve made or refashioned myself, giving 30 gifts, photo-a-day, one pattern one week, juicing, taking vitamins, more regular exercise, and being beautiful. Tall order, I know.  But I crave, desire, need change.  New school year, new life. 
Photo a day:  In My Cup
And my outfit; I made this skirt out of thrifted jeans (the legs of the jeans became skirt panels). I now own 4 denim skirts…
(Good and blurry)
My daughter and her partner received $100 to help their new role as home owners. I will run and visit the gym, as well as take my vitamins.  I even flossed.
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3 Responses to See You In September

  1. Patricia says:

    Did I mention I now have purple streaks in my hair?

  2. Excellent selfie power stance.

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