One of Those Days

I have not been running today.  I have not been to yoga.  I have not worked out at the gym.  I did wear my wonder woman t shirt and my denim skirt to work. The same skirt I wore yesterday, made from the legs of jeans from the thrift store.  There was nothing left of one pair after I cut out the panels, but there was enough to get a pair of shorts from the dark pair.  It is so comfortable, I wore this skirt two days in a row.  And I will wear it again next week.

Stripes. (photo a day challenge; I’m doing it on instagram as patricia_a_wagner)

And did I mention I have purple hair?

Today my son received beet/carrot/pineapple/celery/cucumber/tomato/ginger juice.

I ate good food, I loved my friends, I took my vitamins, I prayed, and I blogged. And I went to work.

I feel tired. And not terribly inspired.  Some days are like that.




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One Response to One of Those Days

  1. annie says:

    Even on days when you are not so inspired, you are inspiring! Love the skirt! I also love your self-challenges!

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