Best I Can Do


Here’s I am on the first day of school.  Of course this is after school when I crashed for a little while.  I made this dress from a pattern from 1955.  The fabric is also from the ’50’s,  I bought both at a lawn sale from an old lady.

Here’s another view of the dress, in this one I’m working hard. This one is what I posted for the photo challenge I’m doing on Instagram (photo a day). It’s called “Button.”

Still no exercise, but I did other stuff. And my 3rd and 4th grade students received mechanical pencils today.

 Bleh. The third day of my self imposed 30 days of blogging and I’m still uninspired.                                           





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2 Responses to Best I Can Do

  1. annie says:

    And you’re still hanging in there! Good on ya!

  2. Every day is a struggle, every day is a victory.

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