I Did It

I made a list of goals/challenges for September, September being the beginning of a new school year and an opportunity to have a fresh start. And I finally managed to exercise! Yay! I completed a yoga class for the first time in about two weeks.  I hadn’t missed that many days of yoga since my last surgery, almost two years ago. And, furthermore, I’ll be dancing for hours this week end here.

And I have been praying for my friend John. every day.  Although I haven’t been able to bring myself to speak to him in a while.

Vitamins.  Yup, yup, yup.  I take a lot of vitamins.

Eating good food? Mmm hmm.

Organized and responsible?  You bet!  At work at least.

Juicing? Yes.  Being loving and beautiful?  Of course.

Today, each 5th grade student of mine received a mechanical pencil and a composition notebook as part of my 30 days of giving project.

My photo for the photo a day challenge:

Upside down.  I went to the lake this morning on my way to work and found an abandoned water bottle.

And I made this top out of the fabric from an old silk dress.  Just to prove that I can.

photo 2 photo 1

I fully realize that my selfies of home-made, refashioned clothing (I’m trying to wear at least one piece every day) have been pathetic.  I’ll start doing better, specially since tomorrow starts the One Pattern One Week challenge.  I’m doing my best to wear a version of a Butterick 3460 skirt and a Sorbetto top. Each day for a week.  It starts tomorrow.

And of course I’m blogging every day for 30 days.  I’m trying to become unblocked, to move away from old patterns, to rebel, to do everything new.  I will control what I can control and let the rest be. And I am full of hope that my writing mojo will come back.

It’s all here, in black and white.

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4 Responses to I Did It

  1. mindy says:

    Oh I do love this. BUT I have to say, your selfies of your wonderful creations are NOT pathetic!! ~waves her hands around to get rid of the negative~ 30 days of giving?? Tell me more about what you are doing! Never heard of it but I like it! I need to create new patterns too! Thank you for this!!

  2. annie says:

    Your sewing inspires me, well, YOU totally inspire me. I want to follow your example for getting things done and moving and living! ❤

  3. Beth says:

    You make me want to sew…a gene that I am positive skipped over me. My mother is a brilliant seamstress.

    I’m so inspired! And you are INCREDIBLE.

  4. I like your selfies, and I like your skirts, they’re clever and a great perfect length. Keep them coming, pattern-buster.

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