OMG Tired

From attending the belly dancing workshop.  Which was incredible and amazing.   Not only did I learn tons, I know I have tons more to learn. These two ran one of the workshops. We danced for four hours.

Here’s my photo a day challenge piece for today:

What I need: rest and my dog.

Here’s what I wore:

I’ve mentioned this skirt before, it’s made from the fabric of two pairs of jeans. The hem is finished with a strip of the dark denim, like a tiny cuff.  The shirt used to be XXL, I used the Sorbetto pattern to remake it.  I have heard that women over 50 should stop wearing graphic t shirts, but I haven’t been able to reason why.  Cuyler is the name of the school where I teach, I found this shirt in the give-away pile in the teachers’ room.  I made it long so I could also wear it over leggings.

I paid for part of my friend’s lunch as my gift for the day.


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One Response to OMG Tired

  1. annie says:

    What a nice, full day!

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