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I’ve installed an widget to show my instagram feed with a link!  So I will no longer have to cross post.  So today’s outfit was a green Sorbetto and a 3460 skirt made with wild paisely 70’s fabric.  The Sorbetto has raglan sleeves and a gathered neckline, which is a major alteration to the original pattern.  I like it, but I will not do it again.  In fact, I have 4 more Sorbettos planned, and then I will be ready to retire this pattern.  I am so done with this skirt pattern.  I have made major alterations to this also, in at the waist, out at the hips, rise in the back…the pattern is comfortable and easy.  I think, though, I’m ready for a more complicated skirt that is a little fuller and has a side zip.

I gave veggies from my garden to friends (Ruth and AnneMarie) as today’s part of 30 days of giving.  There is an abundance, and the vegetables are delicious.

And my friend John, I’m thinking, thinking, thinking about him.  Praying too.  But I’m stuck on what to say.  OK God/Allah/Buddha/Kamadeva/Aphrodite/Universe/Creator/Oprah/Baby Jesus!  Help me out here with John! What should I say?

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3




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3 Responses to Enter Title Here

  1. I was going to comment about that fab fabric but…are you walking in the STREET without shoes?

  2. Heavens! My feet are bare only in bed and the shower.

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