Meeting first thing in the morning, meeting after school; meetings, meetings, meetings.

photo 3

Another outfit!  For OPOW14, Sorbetto and skirt.  It was also orange day for FMS photo challenge.  This is a plain old Sorbetto, but with sleeves; the skirt is made with fabric my friend AnneMarie bought to make curtains.  She had enough left over, so she let me have some for a skirt.  I finished the hem with some double fold bias tape.  I know now, why this is called a challenge.  I’m getting weary of these outfits. And I have 3 more.

My gift today was big bunches of bananas for the staff to help themselves.

I worked on balancing positive energy in my house.

Still praying for John, still not talking with him.


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One Response to Still

  1. annie says:

    Ugh! My house! I need to do so much. It is overwhelming. You go, girl! You are doing good!

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