My Head Held High

The gift I gave was allowing Leesa to buy me dinner.  It was really uncomfortable for me to simply accept a generous gesture and be grateful.

I’m praying and praying for John.  But I am feeling a great big stagnant blank spot.  where there used to be a rush – like the wind through leaves on a big old sugar maple tree.  Still not talking, but I’m starting to draft an email in my head.

My photo for the day is How I’m Feeling.  Like this:

Walking away with my head held high.

I also happen to be wearing my One Pattern One day outfit.  Green Sorbetto with ruffled skirt.

photo 2

(Pathetic selfie in the bathroom mirror.  I just had to.)

Here’s the skirt fabric:

photo 3

Thursday was amazing; filled with good work, fun friends, food handed to me, respectful and engaged students, official news that I am mentoring two ( yes 2. 2!) new teachers. If you look closer, you’ll see luck in my eyes.

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One Response to My Head Held High

  1. annie says:

    It feels good to me to be able to come here and find you active and holding your head high.

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