One Pattern One Week

Seven outfits in seven days.  Butterick skirt 3460 and Collette Sorbetto.  I made seven skirts and , since the waist was a simple casing with elastic, I put little heart tags in the back.  I also made love tags for the shirts, with sayings from Corinthians 13:4-7, but only the positive ones.  It was important to me to state what love is, not what love isn’t. The skirt pattern had quite a few adjustments and variations, and so did the Sorbetto.


Here are the quotes for the tags, note that I haven’t made the blue, indigo, or violet Sorbettos yet.  I do have the fabric and a plan for the variations.


Saturday: I attended a belly dancing workshop.  This was a perfect outfit to fit over my tank and leggings.

photo 1

Sunday: I went to the park for a stroll and then to dinner with my friend Todd (or as he likes to tell people, “Patti’s gay husband”).

photo 2

Monday: A school day, and the perfect fabric for an elementary math specialist.

photo 3

Tuesday: Another school day.  And the perfect combination to stand out during before- and after- school meetings.

photo 1

Wednesday: Another school day.  Bugs.

photo 2

Thursday: My favorite, sugar skulls.  School again, and dinner with friends after.

photo 3

Friday: School.  This outfit was inspired by a baby quilt my sister and I made.  There were red squares and a polka dot binding.  Same fabric, I went and bought more for my outfit.

photo 4

I love a good challenge, and I loved this one.  I did look longingly at some of my dresses a few times, but I managed to wear the same outfit without complaining very much.  I will do it again, if this is offered next year.  Dresses next time!  I’m already previewing patterns.

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3 Responses to One Pattern One Week

  1. Jane says:

    What a great week you’ve had, you’ve out together some lovely outfits! So glad you enjoyed the challenge. x

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  3. spookyrach says:

    That was really impressive. I followed it on instagram, but seeing everything all together really makes it pop! The tags are really cool and I am way jealous of the belly-dancing. 🙂

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