Sad but OK

Person was the photo challenge prompt. People keep commenting, “Are you sad?” Yes, I was sad. And my main photography assistant is not patient with me. There it is.

I’m sad at this moment, but by nature I am a joyful person, so it’s all good.

I gave my son three chocolate bars.

I did pray for John. And I emailed him, a video response to an email from him which he was responding to a link I sent him. The video was 30 seconds long or so, but it was a very satisfying mode of communication. I may do it again.

Here’s what I wore:


Not to work, obviously! The leggings were bought.  The top is an XXL cotton hooded sweater from the thrift store. I dyed it purple and put the kangaroo pocket on.

Beth invited our writing tribe to participate in this project.  I will say yes, but need to carefully consider my topic.  Would you like to join us?

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One Response to Sad but OK

  1. I love the colors lately!

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