My baby needs an angel


photophoto 2I made another skirt out of a discarded shirt of my son’s. I simply cut off the lower portion, turned it so the side seams were front and back, made a slight rise on the back, took in the waist a little, and made an elastic waist band. Really, this took about 17 minutes.  I wanted another skirt to wear over leggings. I wear leggings at belly dance lessons and to work out in the gym.  Don’t get me wrong, I can pull off the leggings look, I just don’t feel comfortable in public like that. so I wear a skirt over them, and take the skirt off when dancing or working out.

Oh, don’t forget the tag! And I made an orange one for this skirt.

photo 3

I can also wear the skirt sans leggings for a very casual look. A great choice when I’m off work and I want to be as comfortable as I am in my jam jams. Although this skirt may need taking in, it was a medium t shirt; I usually wear small.

photo 2

The photo prompt was game, my contribution was lame. But I did it.

I prayed for John to be redeemed and restored. Yes.

The gift I gave was a bag I made to my daughter’s girlfriend.  It is beautiful, inricate, with many cool pockets. But she doesn’t like it and offered, through my daughter, to give it back.  She said it was too big, thanks anyway.  Mind you, never talking to me directly. Uncomfortable. That never happened before, my bags have always been highly regarded and coveted. I told her, no I didn’t want it back. Gifts are to be graciously accepted, and then dealt with as the recipient sees fit. Not returned to the giver.


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3 Responses to My baby needs an angel

  1. Perhaps she felt guilty about not wanting it and was afraid you’d be heartbroken if she didn’t keep it? Or some bit of her education was lacking gift etiquette? *shrugs* Hope you are well.

  2. I’ve had some of my own kooky reactions to gifts.They can inspire all sorts of guilt & questions of self worth.

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