31 Days of moving moving moving


My challenge for October! I’m going to keep moving. I have been battling depression and spending way to much time sleeping. And popping way too many m & m’s.

Since I know exercise makes me feel better all ways, I’m going to get some form every day for 31 days. I’ll also be recording my reflections.

I have set some other goals for October, they will also be reflected on.

At dance class on Monday, my friend Ruth came to mind. It had been a while since we had seen each other, and I was missing her.  When I got home, there was a message from her, “Let’s go for a bike ride on Wednesday.” Perfect. October 1-walk with my son Joe and the dog before school, bike with Ruth after.

On the early morning walk, I found a daisy. A daisy! In October! My favorite flower. And the river, of course, was beautiful as usual.  How blessed we are, that beauty is normal where we live.

The bike ride  with Ruth was around and around Fort Ontario. We caught up on events, feelings, revelations from the past 2 weeks. We both have lived through cancer. We both have issues with our grown children. We both are teachers. And there are more connections. We have a lot to talk about. And then we saw Beth ride up. Years and years ago (15? 16?) the 3 of us worked together, and Beth had been Joe’s teacher. What a treat, seeing her again.

A daisy and Beth. My surprises. My windfall. My godsend.

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3 Responses to 31 Days of moving moving moving

  1. annie says:

    What a wonderful day! I need to get moving again myself.

  2. Beth says:

    Ah – this is so beautiful. Every bit of it.

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