Yoga and I have a long history. I started as a 12 year old. On Thursdays, everyone in our family had somewhere to be after work/school, except for my brother Bill and me. Bill taught guitar lessons downstairs, and I was expected to stay in my upstairs room and be quiet. Instead of doing homework or reading, I practiced the yoga poses from a book my dad had bought. There was a series I practiced with on PBS airing on Saturday mornings, but no classes. I became very flexible and reflective, which (thank God) has stayed with me since.

During the loneliest time of my life, newly married and a young mother, I took a class with Janet Becker. We had the wrestling room in the sports complex of SUNY Oswego as our classroom. What a treat that was! Poses, peace, guided meditation, company of other women.

The next significant yoga relationship was at North Coast Yoga. I practiced there for a while, then my life fell apart and I stopped. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, off work, suffering and looking for relief from the treatments, I started there again. I did Yin Yoga as a bald, fat cancer patient. For free. During this time I also started studying with Janet Becker again. She was 84 (in 2012) and then teaching at the YMCA four times a week. She is still at it (now 86), I checked the schedule.

Now, as a healthy, crazy-busy, overworked teacher, I only have tome for Bikram yoga. 90 minutes of moving meditation at 106 degrees and 95% humidity. (I might be exaggerating about the humidity.) I go 3 times a week, ideally, and it keeps me very fit and sane. When my life gets out of control, I find myself missing class-that’s when depression, achy-ness, and eating too many m&m’s takes over.

Life got out of control in August and September. I missed too much yoga. Life got more out of control. It’s a cycle I want to step off of. No matter what, yoga 3 times a week, at least, in October. I went to yoga on October 2.

“You’re never too sick or too old, it’s never too late, to start from scratch once again!” ~Bikram Choudhury




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One Response to yoga

  1. annie says:

    I was going to yoga on Mondays and Wednesday as part of our wellness plan at work, but my friend who helped keep me committed to going has left our place of employment, and the cancer surgery hangs fresh over my head, so I’ve neglected it. For now. I do hope to get back to it.

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