walking in the pre-dawn

IMG_4765I go walking with my son and our dog before work. Sometimes we are out the door as early as 4:15. Being out on a walk at that hour can raise suspicion with law enforcement. In our little city, we actually have officers patrolling neighborhoods on foot. And the Border Patrol is right down the block. That’s where the dog comes in. We learned (the hard way) that if there is a cute, well-behaved dog on a leash accompanying you, you are mostly above suspicion. And you can take a walk anytime of the day without fear of being questioned by law enforcement. Also, the dog loves walking.

My favorite is to walk around Fort Ontario. At this time of day it is creepy, thrilling, invigorating. We turn on 7th and go through the tunnel, walk past the old barracks and toward the Post Cemetery. Somewhere between the Army building and the cemetery it gets pitch dark because there are no street lights. It’s not scary though, because we grew up here and have made friends with the trees. We walk where soldiers once paraded. We walk through the battle grounds. We walk past the fortress and the canons and the ramparts.

The darkness starts lifting as we enter the parking lot. We can see grandma’s house. This early it’s safe to walk down  the middle of 6th Street. We see home. I start thinking about showering, dressing, and making my lunch.

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3 Responses to walking in the pre-dawn

  1. I am thirsty for your landscape.

  2. annie says:

    That sounds like such a cool place to walk!

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