Oh, I’ve Been A Been Bad Blogger

But I sent my intentions for February:

I had set intentions for other months, and my biggest accomplishment is… NO LAPTOP IN THE BEDROOM! I had to give up Netflix, because, OMG: 3 degrees below zero + hard day at work + dangerous (icy, snowy, poor visibility) driving conditions coming home from work + lack of sunlight = jammies, dinner, bed with a laptop binge watching episodes of My Name Is Earl. But not no more! My name is Patti and it’s been 18 days since my last Netflix binge.

I am determined, with the help of regular therapy, clean eating, strenuous exercise, and various mood elevating supplements, to enjoy the rest of winter.

I will read more library books, make more stuff, play more, give gifts, and be kind. (I’d like to work on my Facebook addiction, but I rely on it for connection with a couple of important social circles. And I have started 2 art projects there, Mudge Says and James A. Garfield Friday.)

One of my intentions for February is to blog 2 times a week, at least. Lucky for me my week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. As long as I post tomorrow, I will not have disappointed myself.

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3 Responses to Oh, I’ve Been A Been Bad Blogger

  1. annie says:

    All we can do is the best we can at any given time, Patti! I’ve been “bad” on the blogging front, too!

  2. I finished my 3rd library book of the month tonight and then dragged the laptop into my bedroom to catch up on blogs. Not the smartest thing to do right before bedtime… but I’m glad I was here to read your post!
    I still haven’t mailed Christmas gifts. 😦

  3. I was thinking about giving up facebook for Lent (done it before) but it is so intertwined with my life that I decided to just cut back.

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