Suture Removal Kit


Sometimes my body heals from surgery the way it should, the sutures stay where they are supposed to and dissolve. And sometimes my body attacks the stitches as if they were an infection.  That’s what happened from the latest bit of plastic surgery (mastopexy and nipple reconstruction (and the new nipple is so cute!  It looks like a dainty rosebud)).  At first, everything looks fine, there is a black line under what looks like clear silicone caulking.  The clear stuff is holding my skin together on the surface is called dermabond.  After a couple weeks the dermabond peels off along with scabby stuff from the incision.  Then the incision is a scar which continues to heal and fade.  But sometimes knots from stitches inside the incision come to the surface instead of dissolving in place.  That happened with my port, it happened with my belly button,


and it started happening with my new nipple.  First the knots appear, then the get all scabby, then the scabs start to dissolve, then the tissue around the knots begins to dissolve and disappear.  (Of course, with my belly button, I thought I had flesh eating bacteria.)

This time I finally realized the pattern and when scabs over the knots began to appear, I messaged my friend who is an RN (and just starting her nurse practitioner program). I asked her if she would remove the stitches for some eggplant from my garden.

I’d be glad to do it…no eggplant needed smile The only thing is I don’t have is a suture removal kit….that consists of a tweezers (which I do have) and a very tiny nosed and tiny bladed pair of scissors that are also quite sharp…like embroidery scissors (which I don’t have). Do you have any or know somebody who does? If you locate some, I’m home today till 4 and then tomorrow in the afternoon and evening

I do have a pair of embroidery scissors, but no tweezers.

I put my scissors in my pocket, and I went over to my friend’s house. She removed the stitches, and we had fun chatting and catching up while she did it. It was kind of bloody and gory, and she had to do a bit of digging to make sure she got every bit of suture out.

I wanted the stitches removed so the incisions would heal. It’s been almost 4 weeks since the surgery, and I really want the nipple tattoo-which I can get after 6 weeks as long as everything is healed.

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6 Responses to Suture Removal Kit

  1. Wait, what? A nipple tattoo?
    I’m glad you’re healing and chatting!

  2. patti says:

    Yes! I have to go to a tattoo parlor! The tattoo artist will match the color, size and shape of the other one. There’s going to be a party with booby cupcakes. Wanna come?

  3. annie says:

    That sounds painful, Patti! A nipple tattoo?

  4. OUCH. I am such a pain wimp that I don’t know if I could bear to go through with the nipple tattoo. But if you say it is worth it… I will consider it if I am ever in your shoes someday. And the party does sound like fun! 🙂

  5. I haven’t been to a good nip tatt party in years, there’s a high likelihood of me getting drunk and nip tatted myself.

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