I wore my denim skirt again, the one made from legs of jeans. 10 more days of wearing self made or refashioned clothing, and I need to look professional and polished on 7 of those days.

I gave Jane chocolate and cheesecake for her birthday.

Today’s photo prompt “beginning” inspired this:

My prayer for John will include incense and candles and solitude.

Lord, hear my prayer.

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The photo prompt was even.

The gift I gave was a donation to a suicide prevention organization on campus.  (And by on campus, I mean at the college.  It depends on whom I talking which term I use. This is where I earned my BS and my MSed. And my ex husband is a professor there. My kids grew up there, making friends with custodians and other professors and their kids. So I have a deep connection to this place.)

Here is what I wore.


The top was made from this dress. Remember this? It was a gift from my daughter.


It is too short, so I need to modify it;  re-fashion the refashioned top.

I prayed for John, that he will be restored and redeemed.  Bless him in all ways, Lord, hear my prayers.

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Sad but OK

Person was the photo challenge prompt. People keep commenting, “Are you sad?” Yes, I was sad. And my main photography assistant is not patient with me. There it is.

I’m sad at this moment, but by nature I am a joyful person, so it’s all good.

I gave my son three chocolate bars.

I did pray for John. And I emailed him, a video response to an email from him which he was responding to a link I sent him. The video was 30 seconds long or so, but it was a very satisfying mode of communication. I may do it again.

Here’s what I wore:


Not to work, obviously! The leggings were bought.  The top is an XXL cotton hooded sweater from the thrift store. I dyed it purple and put the kangaroo pocket on.

Beth invited our writing tribe to participate in this project.  I will say yes, but need to carefully consider my topic.  Would you like to join us?

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Gift:  Lunch with my “mentee.”  (I’m her mentor, I need to come up with a better name for her.)

Wore my new blue Sorbetto. See the tag?

Yes I did pray for John.



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Tomorrow Is Another Day


My outfit and my mood. Capris made by shortening a pair of long pants; blouse refashioned and altered to fit. You’ll have to trust me there, even though you can’t see it.

My gift was a donation to Heather’s cause.

My photo today was what I don’t like.  A messy desk.

I prayed for John. Lord have mercy on him.

I talked to Beth, one of my beloved imaginary friends. Lord watch over her and grant her blissful rest.

I blogged. Tomorrow is another day.

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Well, There Was Dancing

I gave my belly dance teacher a peck of honey crisp apples.

I wore my refashioned red dress.


It did not require much work, I removed some shoulder pads and adjusted the sleeves.  I’m thinking about changing the neckline to be scooped lower.

The photo prompt was “remember.” (Remember your multiplication tables! I mean it!)

I blogged.

And I prayed for John. Lord, redeem him.


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September Litany


(For Mindy, Annie, Rachel, Joe, John, Patti)

September Litany; a set of challenges, guidelines, an improvement plan.  A plan to control what I can. A spiritual practice. A way of processing those horrible, wonderful, destructive changes.  Cancer. Biopsies. Babies taken away. Mental Illness. Violence. Abuse. Evil cults. Grief. Loss. Suffering. Recovery. Healing. Letting go and hanging on. Lord hear my prayers.

Photo every day from FatMumSlim’s prompt. Follow me on Instagram to see progress, the photos on the side bar link to my Instagram posts. Lord, hear my prayers.

Wearing hand made or refashioned clothing every day. What did I wear? A skirt refashioned from my son’s discarded t shirt. I wore it to dinner at Todd’s (my gay husband) yesterday.

photo 1

And since I wore it only a couple hours yesterday, I put it right back on today to

photo 2

walk the dog. Lord hear my prayers.

One Pattern One Week.  I did it successfully; not to the standards I had hoped for, but I did it. Lord hear my prayers.

30 days of giving gifts.  Yesterday I gave Todd his birthday present, a gift card to Tim Horton’s and a 3 Musketeers Bar.  Today I gave MaryLynn photos from our trip to the 1,000 Islands. Here is one-

Lord hear my prayers.

Blog everyday, you know I have been. Lord hear my prayers.

Pray for John every day. I do. I do. I do. Lord hear my prayers.

Organizing, cleaning, keeping up to date, vitamins, exercising, juicing, good food. It’s been hit or miss and will become more hit. More like spiritual practice. Lord hear my prayers.

Be beautiful. Lord hear my prayers.

Be loving. Lord hear my prayers.

Lord hear my prayers.

Thank you, Cyn



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